So… Is it time?

Determining the right timing is tricky. Sometimes the need for assisted living is obvious. Sometimes the signs are much more subtle.

Maybe there’s been a fall or a broken hip. Maybe there are signs of Alzheimer’s or other related dementias. Maybe someone is so frail that they can’t take care of their own needs or the home any longer. Social workers or doctors call these “Activities of Daily Living” or ADLs. Check this list. You’ll know it’s time…

For your loved one:

  • When her sleep pattern doesn’t allow you to get adequate rest.
  • When he’s too big to lift.
  • When she’s soiled herself – again.
  • When he wanders at all hours.
  • When she won’t let you help with her needs.
  • When he gets agitated and lashes out at you.
  • When she needs 24-hour care.
  • When you’re so exhausted that your friends or doctor tell you “it’s time”.

For yourself:

  • When caring for the house is beyond your abilities – or just beyond your interest.
  • When you know the time is coming and you’d rather choose a place for yourself.
  • When you need some help most days – or every day.
  • When trusted friends and family are inquiring about your plans.
  • When safety is a concern.
  • When you realize this is your new normal.
  • When you’re afraid of becoming a burden.

Let us help you find the Perfect Place.